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ORANGUTAN - TOUR Experience:
DAY 1 (Medan - Bukit Lawang)
Pick up from Polonia airport in Medan or your hotel and then went to Bukit Lawangpassing through several small townsstops at rubber, oil palm and cocoa plantations with some rustic atmosphere.
Arriving Bukit Lawang Hotel
-jungle inn
- sambungalow
- jungletribe
- Gargen inn

- Eco Lodge
  for overnight (accommodation is simple but clean).
you can choose, where you would lake to stay?

The tropical rainforest of Mt.Leuser National Park has many interesting option for place to camp in the jungle for one or longer.
(1). After visit Orangutan, trek through the jungle for three (3) hours back to the hotel / guest house, EURO  25, - per person
(2). One day trek costs EURO 35 per person.
(3). Two days trek costs EURO 65,  

(4). Three days EURO 85,-per person.
these are included ....
-Guide fee
-permit into the jungle

visitors bring cameras / video on the site Orangutan additional charge of Rp 50,000 for a camera and Rp150, 000 for video.

Park-Jungle Edie
Bukit Lawang, North Sumatera Indonesia 20774
E-mail : Jungle_Edie@hotmail.com
Phone : +6281397125596

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